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Players Looking For a Team

Name Group Details
C. Eagles Contact U15/U18 Men Looking to join a competitive U15/U18/U20 team for the 23/24 season. I have been curling for 9 years, played all positions and am willing to join a team in any position.
B. Diotte & J. Diotte Contact U15 Women Two sisters that are curling out of Charleswood and are currently doing a curling skills development camp on Wednesday's at the Heather curling club.
S. Johnson Contact U18/U20 Women Looking for a competitive team. Willing to play lead, second or third. I am very dedicated competitor and very strong sweeper. I bring a positive attitude, mindset and skill to the table. Has been curling for 10+ years and has competed on the MJCT U21 tour for a couple years, plays mixed doubles as well as High school.
N. Chartier Contact U18/U20 Men I am 15 (16 in June 2023) and have curled for several years in Lorette, Fort Garry and this year started in the HP Curling Program at the Granite. Interested in being a spare but also looking for a more permanent/consistent team to play with, either mens or co-ed. Prefers lead and second positions but would consider other positions if presented with an opportunity.
D. Klassen Contact U20 Women I’m looking for a U20 women’s team. I have two years of high school experience playing for Dakota Collegiate Institute. I am a 2x SCAC champion and attended 2 MSHAA provincials. I’m looking for a team, positions second or third. Great team player and dedication. Excellent sweeping and ability to learn and grow. Applying corrections well. Coached by Kevin Young for 2022-23 season.
H. Hall Contact U18/U20 Women I am 16 and have been curling for 9 year. I am looking to curl competitively. I would like to play 3rd. Currently curl at PCC and school curling. Willing to curl at different club.

Teams Looking For Players

Name Group Details
K. Harder Contact U15/U18 Co-ed A team at the Pembina junior league (Sat at 1:10) is looking for a player or even a spare. Kids on the team are 14-18 co-ed
N. Card Contact U15 Women U15 girls team looking for a player.