About Us

What is it?

The MJCT is a collection of Manitoba’s best junior curling events, working together to create the best possible experience for the province’s young talent. The 2008/09 season was the first season for the MJCT, and was extremely successful. The MJCT looks to build on its momentum and continue creating positive experiences for its member teams.

Sounds good! How do I get in?

Simply register your team online – registration for your team is only $20, or $5 a curler! Once you are registered, you’ll be eligible for ranking privileges (see Results page for more on the ranking system). You can register for MJCT events for as low as $5 a curler, and be eligible for cash prizes. The highest ranked teams will be invited to a season ending Tour Championship at a location to be determined. Register your team here.

Can anybody join?

Of course! We welcome all teams – junior men and junior women, experienced or looking for experience, Manitoban or out-of province. As long as you are 20 years of age or under as of June 30 of the previous year (as per Curling Canada rules) you are eligible to play.

Do I have to be registered with the MJCT to play in MJCT events?

Teams are welcome to register to compete in MJCT events even if they are not registered with the MJCT. However, when $5 a curler gives you a chance to play in a Tour Championship for cash prizes, why wouldn’t you sign up?

If my team registers for the MJCT, do we have to play all of the events?

Nope! You play whichever events you choose. It can be all of them, or maybe only one of them. It’s all up to you. Obviously, the more events you choose to play, the more points you can earn.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at

Best of luck in the season!

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