How do I get in?

Simply follow the registration instructions – registration for your team is only $20! Once registered, you’ll be eligible for ranking privileges. You can register for MJCT events for as low as $5 a curler, and be eligible for cash prizes. The highest ranked teams will be invited to a season ending Tour Championship. Register your team here.

Can anybody join?

Of course! We welcome all teams – junior men and junior women, experienced or looking for experience, Manitoban or out-of province. As long as you meet Curling Canada’s eligibility rules for juniors you can play.

Do I have to be registered with the MJCT to play in MJCT events?

Teams are welcome to register to compete in MJCT events even if they are not registered with the MJCT. However, when $5 a curler gives you a chance to play in a Tour Championship for cash prizes, why wouldn’t you sign up?

If my team registers for the MJCT, do we have to play all of the events?

Nope! You play whichever events you choose. It can be all of them, or maybe only one of them. It’s all up to you. The more events you choose to play, the more points you can earn.

My club is interested in hosting an event, what do we do?

Great, we are always looking to expand with more events! In general, a tour event requires ice beginning late afternoon Friday through Sunday evening. This can vary depending on club size and number of entries. Please drop us an email to start a conversation about joining the tour.

Can my company sponsor the MJCT?

Absolutely! If your organization would like to be sponsor the tour you can contact our Sponsorship and Marketing representive at for more information.

This page didn’t answer my question 🙁

Sorry to hear that, please e-mail us at with your question. We would be happy to answer it.