as at February 1, 2019


1.1 The Manitoba Junior Curling Tour will exist to create and promote increased athletic opportunity for junior curlers in the province of Manitoba; with core values centered around sportsmanship, fair play, social gain and the pursuit of athletic excellence.


2.1 The MJCT committee is to be composed of the following:

  • Chair (Executive) – Albert Bazinet
  • Past Chair(Executive) –Lisa Smith
  • Secretary (Executive) – Karen Letham
  • Treasurer (Executive) - Karen Letham
  • Bonspiel Coordinator (Executive) – Daryl Friesen
  • Sponsorship Director (Executive) – Vacant
  • Website Coordination – Sheldon Zacharias
  • Rules Committee – Albert Bazinet, Jim Watling, Jayden Neuert, Kevin Wasylik, Frank Walter, Alex Friesen, Elaine Stobbe
  • Two (2) Male Junior Members – Graeme Loewen, Emerson Klimpke
  • Two (2) Female Junior Members – Alex Friesen, Meghan Walter

2.2 Executive members will be elected for a one-year term; however, incumbent members may stand for re-election following the completion of their term. Elections for executive positions will be held each year at the annual general meeting.

2.3 Junior members will be elected for a one-year term, but may stand for re-election each year until junior eligibility is complete. Elections will be held at the annual general meeting.

2.4 The committee will be responsible for overall management of the tour, with the intention of benefiting all those involved with the MJCT.


3.1 A competitor in the MJCT shall be aged 20 years and under as of June 30 of the previous year as per CurlManitoba rules.

3.2 Membership is acknowledged by the purchase of a MJCT Membership ($20/team) and is valid until the conclusion of the season in which the Membership has been purchased. Memberships may be purchased prior to the season. Deadline is prior to the first event in the fall each year.

3.3 Coaches must be registered with the MJCT. Any changes must be registered with the Event Coordinator, prior to each event starting.

3.4 All teams participating in the Tour Championship must declare a Coach that is Competition Coach Certified. The MJCT executive will validate all coaches' certification with CurlManitoba prior to the event.

3.5 Memberships remain the property of the MJCT and may be revoked at the discretion of the MJCT committee.

3.6 Any team failing to meet their financial obligation will forfeit all MJCT points earned in the occurring season. Teams failing to meet the financial obligation will be prohibited from entering future MJCT events until such time as the outstanding fees are paid. FORFEITED MJCT POINTS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR REINSTATEMENT.


4.1 An event calendar will be established and distributed by the MJCT before the beginning of the season.

4.2 The MJCT will be responsible for promotion throughout Manitoba of all events, including, but not limited to, posters, press releases and maintenance of an official website.

4.3 The MJCT will keep a record of all competitors registered, all teams eligible for ranking privileges and results of all events.


5.1 All events must adhere to the conditions listed in the Event Agreement.

5.2 Event Coordinators are responsible for receiving entry forms and entry fees. Entry forms will be provided by the MJCT and may be completed online or by mail. Entry fees may be collected at the events. Event coordinator to photocopy team rosters and post by the draw, as well as validate players align with the rosters submitted prior to the first draw.

5.3 Events must provide ideal ice and rock conditions to the best of their ability.

5.3A A midday ice scrape must occur on Saturday, preferably in between the middle draws.

5.4 All games must be scheduled to last a minimum of 8 ends.

5.5 The recommended format for each event will be round robin. All entry fees, draws and prize money must be approved by the MJCT Bonspiel Coordinator or an appointed designate, and a member of the Rules Committee.

5.6 The event shall separate junior men and junior women teams into two draws.

5.7 Events must report line scores and results to the MJCT at the conclusion of each draw.

5.8 MJCT event entries will close at 4:30pm on the Friday prior to the scheduled start of the event. Team withdrawals will be allowed until such time as the event entries close. Payment for the event must be received no later than one business day prior to event start with preference being payment with entry. Any team withdrawing after this date, without just cause, will forfeit their entry fee. The event coordinator has to be informed of the reason for withdrawal. The reasons must then be forwarded to the MJCT Bonspiel Coordinator who will discuss it with the Rules Committee. Teams judged to not have valid reasons for withdrawal will then be subject to the penalties stated in the rule. All entry fees must be paid prior to the start of the event.

5.9 The Event Coordinator (from the host club) is to inform the MJCT Bonspiel Coordinator of teams withdrawing without payment of entry fee. The Bonspiel Coordinator will then inform future Event Coordinators of teams ineligible to compete until outstanding fee is paid.

5.10 A Skills Based Ranking (SBR) Competition will be used to determine qualifiers in tie breaker situations. The SBR Competition is such that each player on a team will throw one draw with the cumulative measurements equaling the team score. The top spot will go to the team with the lowest cumulative measurement; the second spot will go to the second lowest measurement and so on. In the case where only 3 of the 4 registered players are available for the SBR Competition, the player with the individual high score (furthest from the pin), will throw in lieu of the absent player. SBR Competition results will only be used to determine the finishing order when head to head results from Round Robin Play cannot clearly determine the finishing order in a pool. No team shall be eliminated based on SBR after round robin play leading into the playoff round. SBR will be used to determine the order of tie breaker ranking.

5.11 Event Coordinator is to complete a Skills Based Ranking for Round Robin Events as soon as possible.

5.12 Event Coordinator to supply volunteers to update Curling Zone for all draws, round robin, tie breakers and playoffs.



6.1 Events are chosen prior to the beginning of the season by the MJCT. Once a tournament has been selected to be a member of the MJCT, the event coordinator must sign an Event Agreement every year that the event remains in existence.

6.2 The respect of the provisions in the Event Agreement will be used to determine the eligibility of the event for subsequent years.

6.3 A tournament with mixed teams is not eligible to be a member of the MJCT.

6.4 The MJCT will attempt to establish a competition schedule with events located throughout Manitoba.


7.1 Formats to be set up as 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 16, 0r 20 teams with first come first serve entry. Waiting list will be done until the next threshold is met. A 4 sheet rink can only handle max 16 and max 12 of either gender. A bonspiel will not be designated as an MJCT event with points awarded where less than 4 teams are registered at the entry closing date.

7.2 Qualifiers will be as follows:

  1. 4 team – 2 qualifiers – one pool of 4. Guaranteed three games.
  2. 5 team – 3 qualifiers – one pool of 5. Guaranteed four games.
  3. 6 team – 3 qualifiers – two pools of three, top from each pool and next best record qualify. Guaranteed three games.
  4. 8 team – 4 qualifiers – two pools of four, top two qualify from each pool. Guaranteed three games.
  5. 10 team – 4 qualifiers – two pools of five, top two qualify from each pool. Guaranteed four games.
  6. 12 team – 6 qualifiers – three pools of four, top two qualify from each pool. Best records get 1 and 2 and bye to semi-final, 3,4,5,6 based first on record than SBR. If ties in a pool, rank based on head to head then SBR. Guaranteed three games.
  7. 15 team – 6 qualifiers – three pools of five, top two qualify from each pool. Guaranteed four games.
  8. 16 team – 8 qualifiers – four pools of four, top two qualify from each pool. Guaranteed three games.
  9. 20 team – 8 qualifiers – four pools of five, top two qualify from each pool. Guaranteed four games.

7.3 For all playoff games the highest ranked team by record, then by SBR, has the choice of color or last rock for each game.

7.4 Since tiebreaker's are considered round robin, the decision was to not use SBR but to use a coin flip as a normal round robin game.

7.5 A 1:45 bell will be used for all round robin and playoff games. A pilot test using a two bell system (1:45 first bell, second bell at 2:00 at which point the end you are in is the last end) will occur in 2019.

7.6 The 5 rock rule will be in place effective February 1, 2018.


8.1 The point system shall be under the jurisdiction of the MJCT and will be developed in order to best reflect the performance of competing teams within a given season. All points will be awarded from sanctioned MJCT events only.

8.2 For a team to be eligible for ranking privileges, they must be registered as a team with the MJCT. Teams will be given the option of registering online prior to the start of the season. A minimum of four (4) players are to be registered with a team; at maximum, a team may register five (5) players and a coach.

8.3 A Team rosters are considered final as of the Canadian Thanksgiving Monday. Any changes to team rosters prior to 12:00 AM CST on Canadian Thanksgiving Monday (the start of the day):

  • ··If 3 players on the original team remain, all points are carried forward.
  • ··If 2 players or less on the original team remain, all points are lost.

Any changes to team rosters after 12:00 AM CST on Canadian Thanksgiving Monday:

  • ··If 3 players on the original team remain, 50% of the points are carried forward.

  • ··If 2 players or less on the original team remain, all points are lost.

8.4 The seeding for each event will be based on the MJCT's ranking on that event's entry closing date. For the spring events the seeding be done by the participating teams.

8.5 To receive points at the conclusion of an event, the team must have competed in all games and with no more than 1 spare.

8.6 A All games are to be played unless there are extenuating circumstances. Extenuating circumstances are defined as follows:

  • ··Sickness – where a team cannot field enough players
  • ··Injury – where a team cannot field enough players
  • ··Weather Related – where a team cannot field enough players
  • ··Any other reason for a default will be vetted through the MJCT rules committee before any points are awarded

For games that are defaulted under the circumstances listed above the winning team will be awarded full points as if the game had been played. The team that defaults will be awarded points as if the lost the game.

For games that are defaulted without a valid reason, the winning team due to the default will be awarded full points as if the game had been played. The team that defaults will only be awarded the points up to the last game officially played and will not be awarded points for the loss due to the default. For example, if a team defaults the final then the defaulting team will only be given the semi-final points and no points for reaching the final.

A game must be 4 ends prior to a team being able to concede.

8.7 Full points will be allocated as 5 points per team entered in the event. These points will be available in the playoff round only with allocation based on the number of qualifiers. For example 16 teams would have an allocation of 80 points total. There will be 1 point per win (excluding tie breaker games) during the qualifying games and these points will follow a team even if they qualify for the playoffs.

Example of points breakdown (40 points total) where 8 teams have entered and there is 4 qualifiers:

1st = 18

2nd = 12

3/4th = 5


9.1 The tour championship shall be held following the conclusion of all scheduled events in a given season, at a location and date to be determined by the MJCT.

9.2 The 10 top-ranked junior men's and 10 top-ranked junior women's teams will be invited to participate in the Tour Championship. The number of teams invited will be adjusted down to a maximum of approximately 2/3 per gender, if the number of registered teams is below 14. So for example the junior women only have 12 teams registered, the number of teams invited to the Tour Championship would be 8. Each Tour Championship will be run with a Round Robin format consisting of 2 pools of 5 teams with no exceptions other than pool size.

The Point System will be used to rank teams for the Tour Championship.

Pool 1 will consist of Teams 1, 4, 6, 8 & 10.

Pool 2 will consist of Teams 2, 3, 5, 7 & 9.

All teams will compete in a Skill Based Ranking, AFTER their first game of the Tour Championship. The Skill Based Ranking will be used for tie breaker purposes. After the completion of the Round Robin, the top 2 teams of each pool will advance to a Page Playoff Championship. An entry fee may be applicable, based on ice availability.

9.3 Teams must maintain rule 8.5 for the Tour Championship.

9.4 The points allocation are double for the Tour Championships (i.e 10 points per team for a pool of 100 available during the playoff round). The provincial berth spot will be awarded to the highest, ranked team based on the standings and the points earned during the Tour Championships. The team must meet all eligibility requirements.

9.5 In order to be eligible for the provincial berth spot (if available); teams are not allowed to use a spare, but can register a 5th prior to the Tour Championship.

9.6 When two or more teams are tied for the last available position for the Tour Championship, the following tie breaker process will be followed:

  1. Head to Head.
  2. If no clear winner, prior to the Tour Championship, a game will be played involving the two teams. If there are an uneven number of teams tied, a playoff game(s) will be carried out to determine the team(s) getting the bye.


10.1 The Rules Committee of the MJCT reserves the right to make all decisions judged necessary to cover any exceptional circumstances not provided in this document.

10.2 Events are governed by the CurlManitoba rulebook and the CCA rulebook if rule is not in the CurlManitoba rulebook.

10.3 Curl Manitoba Rule Book in effect except where otherwise stipulated in the MJCT Rule Book.