Broom Requirements – UPDATED as of OCT 4, 2016


Please note that effective IMMEDIATELY the MJCT will be enforcing the broom moratorium as indicated in CurlMB’s rule book (see below). Given several concerns that were brought forward during the last two MJCT events that not all teams are respecting the request to follow the Curl Canada’s recommendations (when using the old fabric) it is the decision of the MJCT to change the broom requirements effective as of the next event in Stonewall Oct 15-17. All teams will need to comply by using the new WCF approved brush heads.

The Rules as posted in CurlMB’s rule book (page 7) are below and we’ve also attached the report from Curling Canada.


2016-2017 Broom Moratorium
Only World Curling Federation (WCF) approved brush heads will be allowed at CurlManitoba events.
The sweeping technique must be
a) Sweep in any direction; there must be brush head movement in the sweeping motion
b) The motion shall not leave any debris in front of the moving stone
c) The final motion shall finish outside the path of any stone

Unofficiatied Play (Regional Qualifiers, Berth Bonspiels and Bonspiels with a Berth)
1. In keeping with the spirit of the game, at unofficiated events, the brooms and sweeping technique shall be governed by the players and coaches keeping Fair Play in mind at all times.
2. If an alternate player comes into the game, they must use the brush of the player they are replacing.
3. The target broom must be the declared sweeping brush of the skip or vice skip (third). Using a separate or different broom as the target broom is not allowed.

Officiated Play (Provincial Championships)
1. All unofficiated play rules.
2. Any player using a sweeping device at Provincial Championships not approved will be suspended from the rest of the competition and the game will be forfeited.
3. Hair Brooms and Corn Brooms are banned but will be allowed to serve as throwing devices.
4. Each player must declare his or her approved sweeping device at the start of the game. A player may not change their brush head during a game, unless the Chief Umpire grants special permission. If a change is made without permission the team will forfeit the game.
5. All equipment will be checked and tagged prior to the event, any changes must be approved by the Head Umpire.
6. A player may request that an umpire inspect a brush prior to or during a game.


Please note that the MJCT rules have been updated and registration forms for Winkler and Petersfield MJCT events have been added.

Standings and registered teams have now been updated.

MJCT Executive


On behalf of the MJCT Executive we have some very exciting news to share with all of our supporters and curlers. We have been working hard with Curl MB over the last year to try and confirm their support of the tour. There have been some rule changes that were adopted last season which brought us closer to this news. There will be some additional changes with our points system that will be announced soon.

In the meantime we are pleased to confirm that we have been awarded a berth spot for our Jr. Men and Women in the MJCT Championship event that will take place December 1 to 4th at the St Vital Curling Club. The spots will be awarded to the highest, qualified team at the conclusion of the event. This not only increases the value and importance of the MJCT events but will also give teams another opportunity to advance to the Canola Growers Junior Provincial. We will provide further details as they are confirmed.

As a reminder please find below the 2016/2017 MJCT schedule of events.

Hope everyone has a fantastic summer and see you in the fall. If anyone is interested in volunteering with the Executive please feel free to contact us.

2016 Events

Elmwood MJCT

Congratulations to Teams Bergman and Smith for winning the Elmwood MJCT! Thank you to all teams for participating in the last spiel of the spring.

Finals have begun with Oryniak playing J. Smith in the men’s division and Bergman playing Walter on the women’s side.

Semi final action has started at the Elmwood Curling Club with J. Smith playing Maisey and Radford playing Oryniak on the Junior Men’s side. On the Junior Women’s side it’s Wallis vs Bergman and Friesen vs Walter.

Please find below the draw for this weekend’s MJCT at the Elmwood Curling Club. Results after round robin play are below. One tiebreaker game will take place at 10am for the Jr Men’s side. Semi final action will begin at 12:30pm.

Elmwood MJCT Draw

Elmwood Results and SBR

The Elmwood MJCT will take place April 15 to 17th. Here’s your last chance to curl for the season!

Elmwood MJCT Registration Form 2016

2016 Season

The 2016 Season is upon us. There is only 1 event confirmed for the spring so far as Grand Forks CanAm Junior Spiel has been canceled due to low entries.

Details for the Teulon MJCT are below.

CanAm Junior Spiel – CANCELED

Teulon MJCT
Feb 26 – 28, 2016
Location: Teulon CC

Contact: Ashley Jahns,, (204) 886-3375
Entry Fee: $180

Teulon MJCT Registration Form 2016

MJCT Championships

Please find below the final results of the Championship Round as well as photos of the winners. Congratulations to Teams Lamb and Walter for winning the 2015 MJCT Championships! Thank you to all the teams who participated. We look forward to another great season in 2016/2017. Stay tuned for the spring events planned!

2015 MJCT Tour Final Championship Round
Women’s Champion
Men’s Champion

Congratulations to everyone on a great season of curling!