MJCT Tour Championships – Sponsored by Asham Curling Supplies

Congratulations to Teams Oryniak and Mackay for winning the MJCT Tour Championships!

Congratulations to Teams Peters and Gray-Withers for winning the berth spots!

Thank you to all teams that participated and all the support of their family and friends.

A special thank you to Asham Curling Supplies for the support of the berth winners (sponsoring the cost of the spots), the tour champions (Express Ultra Lite shoes for each player), the brush giveaway that was won by curlers Alex Friesen, Janessa Rutter, Adam Flatt and Dayton Walker and all the other free stuff during the weekend!

Team Oryniak

Team Mackay

Team Peters

Team Gray-Withers

Final results are below.


Finals have been determined and Forrester is playing Oryniak while Gray-Withers is playing Mackay. In the 3 vs 4 game we have Lamb vs Friesen and Stykalo vs Peters.

Congratulations to Team Gray-Withers on achieving the Junior Women’s berth spot. The outcome of the 3 vs 4 game on the men’s side will determine our Junior Men’s berth spot.

Stay tuned for results!

Semi final action for the MJCT Championships has begun with Oryniak playing Stykalo and Forrester playing Peters on the Junior Men’s side. For the Junior Women’s it’s Gray-Withers vs Friesen and Lamb vs Mackay.

On behalf of the MJCT Executive we are happy to announce that Asham Curling Supplies has sponsored the Tour Championships. Please find below the draw and rules for the championships.




Kyle Flett Memorial MJCT

Congratulations to teams Radford and Walter on winning the Kyle Flett Memorial MJCT! Standings will be updated and invitations for the Tour Championships sent out shortly.

Thank you to all teams who participated in all events this season!

Final results: kfm-draw-2016-results



Semi final action has begun on the men’s side with Oryniak playing Radford and JT Ryan playing J. Friesen. In the women’s Baker is playing Wallis while Walter is playing Zacharias. Good luck to all teams!

Please find below the draw for this weekend’s Kyle Flett Memorial MJCT, our last event of the season. Good luck to all teams!